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Remove The Weeds and Nurish Your Lawn

Weed & Feed Services


Controlling weeds is vital to any property owner no matter how large or how little the landscape. Not only can weeds crowd out the plants or grass you’re trying to keep thriving, but left unchecked, they can cause serious harm to the turf and other landscape elements. In extreme situations, they could even pose a health risk to the property or the people on the property.


Why Should You Invest in Weed Control from Perrysburg Cuts?


Everyone knows that weeds are considered a major eyesore but it’s more than just the aesthetics of your yard. The stress weeds place on your landscape or even the home itself can become very costly. Common varieties like dollar weed, sedge, and crabgrass can be hearty and intrusive. Include weed control services as part of your routine landscape management. This will keep the beauty of your yard more uniform. It will also help:


  • Stop weeds from crowding out the plants you want to showcase by stealing their nutrients, space, and even fragrance.

  • Prevent weeds from competing with, or shrinking, your turf.

  • Minimize or even eliminate allergens in the air during allergy season.


Furthermore, some weeds are considered invasive species and can move from state to state and are nearly impossible to control once fully established in their new home. Weeds like this don’t just pose a threat to your property, they could put your local ecosystem in danger!


So, in addition to the cosmetic damage caused by weeds, they could ultimately create costly problems for property owners to deal with. At Perrysburg Cuts, we make prevention a priority. Let us get on offense before you must play defense against weeds of all shapes and sizes. We form lasting partnerships with our customers so that we can most effectively combat existing weeds. More importantly, we also put the right measures in place to prevent them from coming back.

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