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Add Texture and Health To Your Yard.

Ground cover is one of the most important aspects of any landscape. It adds beauty to your property, enhances steep terrain where mowing is difficult and can be a good solution for erosion control. Proper mulching around trees, shrubs, and in flower beds helps with weed prevention, protects vulnerable aspects of your plantings, and even aids in hydration.

Mulch can be beneficial to your commercial and residential property to retain moisture in warmer months and helps you keep your garden protected during the cold season. Mulch landscaping is one of the prime sources that instantly add value and make your property more appealing.

There are several types of mulch, including bark chips, plastic, stones, grass clippings, coca hulls, wood shavings, straw, and pine straw, that provide vital nutrients to the soil and keep your tree, pants, and brushes healthy. With so many benefits to mulching, it can be a great investment that adds life to your landscape.


But ground cover of any kind requires expert application and care to maximize its benefits. You can trust the experts at Perrysburg Cuts to get the job done right. We have decades of experience that allows us to not only plant and/or apply ground cover properly and effectively but choose the right kind to improve the look and health of your landscape.

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