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Clean Ups Are a Necessity 

All beautiful gardens and green spaces have one thing in common: Transitional season maintenance. Everything from soil care to composts to watering needs is a significant element that requires intense focus and care. Changing weather conditions creates several challenges and requires special expert’s attention. Count on our experts

Perrysburg Cuts offers the finest solutions to keep your landscape healthy and green during the spring and fall. Our clean up landscaping services include:


  • Cleaning away debris around trees, shrubs, branches, and mulched plant beds

  • Preparing mulched plant beds for spring plantings

  • Cleaning flower beds and clearing garden debris

  • Cleaning up around retention ponds, fence lines, and other “trash catchers” thoroughly

  • Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs for perfect summer growth


Our commercial landscaping will ensure appealing aesthetics during the prime spring and summer months. Changing seasons have a profound impact on the green, vibrant, and healthy life of your lawn. Ignoring excessive debris, leaf litter, and organic material can harm your residential and commercial landscaping and prove more costly in the long run.